Super SD System 3, NeoSD and NeoSD Pro stock status update!

Hi folks!


   We have been getting a LOT of questions regarding availability of the Super SD System 3, the NeoSD (both AES and MVS) and NeoSD Pro (AES and when MVS will be produced). So here is where we stand with their production:


The Super SD System 3 is going back into production and we are currently aiming to have it ready for late September. We know we have been sold out on them for a while, but with everything going on with MegaSD, we hope to get back on track to having these available later in September. 


NeoSD (AES and MVS versions) – We actually have these on hand and ready to ship. Keep an eye out on the web shop as these will go back up for sale any day now. 


NeoSD Pro – We have received a crazy amount of requests for these. We had stock of the AES carts up until the Terraonion Direct where we announced Neo Geo CD game support. We sold out of what we had left that same day. But fear not! We are producing more and targeting late September to early October for them. We are also producing the MVS version at the same time. So ideally we will be offering both AES and MVS Pro carts at the same time for sale.


Keep an eye out on this blog for updates. Or you can follow us on Twitter as we will announce when they are available there as well.